Tax Filing Season is Open – What You Need to Know

As the third wave of Covid-19 infections gains momentum, SARS commissioner Edward Kieswetter announced the launch of this year’s Tax Session along with confirmation of the closure of all branches. As of 1 July, taxpayers are advised not to go to a SARS branch, with current plans to reopen on 16 August. This decision will be continuously reassessed and when required an announcement updating taxpayers will be made.

The current pandemic context has propelled SARS into honing its 4IR practices. Since 2020, SARS has been working hard to expand its offering and has implemented a number of changes for taxpayers when submitting their returns. 

Virtual Tax Filing Season 2021/22

Individual taxpayers have between 1 July and 23 November to submit their returns and are encouraged to do so online via eFiling or through the SARS MobiApp. Similarly, Provisional taxpayers (incl Trusts) can file online from 1 July to 31 January 2022.

SARS has committed to actioning auto-assessments for a significant number of individual taxpayers. An SMS will be sent if you are selected to be auto-assessed, however, some taxpayers may receive auto-assessment without being informed. Therefore, it is still important for taxpayers to make sure that all information has been recorded correctly. The auto-assessment still allows taxpayers to edit the return if needed, but any under or overpayment of tax will be processed normally. It is a good idea to seek professional advice before accepting or editing the return yourself.  

For those who can’t file online, SARS has introduced an SMS facility that is at no cost to the taxpayer. It allows taxpayers to do the following: 

  • Book for virtual appointments by sending an SMS to 47277 with the word Booking and passport/ID or Asylum Seeker number. Or taxpayers can call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277 and select option 0 (zero). 
  • Taxpayers can also use the following keywords via SMS for automated services: FileTNR (for Tax numbers) and Balance along with their passport/ID or Asylum Seeker number.

Tax Season can be a complicated time for all of us, although SARS has many resources to help taxpayers via their Website and the SARS YouTube channel, contact us today if you require further professional advice and assistance.