Who are the guys in the dull (albeit distinguished) suits really?  What does the word “accountant” conjure up in your mind? A boring numbers guy/girl, crunching numbers until all hours of the night, hunched behind a computer (or calculator in the old days)? An overwhelmed, tired geek buried under mounds of slips and files?

Accountants are often depicted as dreary, stick-in-the-muds. My question is – why does being precise and particular about things make you uninteresting? Do we not want our books to balance and our businesses to thrive? Of course we do! But books don’t balance themselves and business can’t grow unless our accountants help us to see trends, work out budgets and help us to stick to those budgets.  We need those guys who are doing the calculations we don’t know how to do and don’t have time for.  We need the accountants who are trustworthy and dependable…

Stereotypes aside, accountants are really just ordinary people – Joes, Jacks and Jacquelines who are really good at numbers… They are normal men and women who come from and are a part of families and communities. People who are loved and who love others. Real people, with issues, like everyone else.

So, when the accountant closes his laptop or shuts down his computer and shuts the door of his office behind him, he is an ordinary person. Some like sports and others don’t.  Some are social and others aren’t. Everyone has a life outside of their job (or hopefully they do!) – family, friends, civic responsibilities, church/religion, home, vacation, hopes, dreams and aspirations.

The “hidden” life of an accountant is no different to that of the doctor, lawyer, professional sportsman, teacher or stay-at-home mom (or these days; the stay-at-home dad). We all have this in common – we are people living in this upside down world.  Accountants are just very good at putting the numbers the right side up – that is their SUPER-power.