We don’t know what the New Year might have in stall for us, but knowledge is power and being prepared is better than being caught unawares… Understanding what a credit score is and why it is necessary to have a good one, should be helpful in 2022.

The parameters used to generate a credit score are mostly the following: 

  • How much credit you have used (Credit history)
  • Your payment history (whether you have paid your installments on time & regularly) 
  • Recent credit applications.
  • Any defaults and court orders against your name.
  • Details of your accounts – eg. insurance, cellphone accounts, retail accounts etc.

The following will have a negative impact on your credit score:

  • Late/missed payments
  • Defaults on debt
  • Court Judgments
  • Bankruptcy

If you have fallen into a bad debt pattern already, there are some things to remember so that you don’t totally annihilate your credit score:

  • A late payment is better than not paying at all.
  • Be proactive: get in touch with your creditors and make arrangements before it is too late and you get handed over for bad debt.
  • Get professional help if you need to.

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